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Binance configuration to use the Diabolo copy trading service on Binance Futures.
Setting up your Binance account to copy Diabolo SPOT USDT traders
Estimated time: 5 minutes
1 Binance account
No Binance account yet?
Open a Binance account: https://www.binance.com/fr/register?ref=NNH23U8P If you have any questions, join the Diabolo investor group on Telegram: https://t.me/diaboloio How much capital?
It is necessary to have USDT to trade futures.
We recommend a minimum starting capital of 1000 USDT There is no upper limit, you can trade 10.000 USDT as well as 100.000 USDT
The futures wallet is separate from the spot wallet
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The first time you open the Binance Future page, you need to activate the Futures account, click on "Open Now".
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    Transfer your USDT from the SPOT account to the FUTURES account
To do this, click on "Transfer" at the top right.
Inscrivez le montant à transférer et cliquez sur "Confirm"
Configuration of the API
Click on API Management from the top menu.

Creation of a new API key

Pass the security stage
click on edit restrictions
Check Enable Futures and click Save

Go now to the Binance Future trading interface https://www.binance.com/en/futures/BTCUSDT

Activate the 'Coverage Mode'

Your binance account is ready
Now let's set up the Copy trading section on Diabolotrading.com https://diabolotrading.com/exchanges/binancefutures/configure
Copy and paste your Binance API keys into the Binance Futures configuration page in Diabolo.
Copy and paste your API keys into the configuration page.
Once the API key is entered, click on "configure" on the right of the screen
Determine the capital you wish to allocate to copy trading by moving le cuseur, cliquez ensuite sur "Next"
and select your trader to follow.
Slide the slider to the right to determine the number of trades your trader can take.
Track your performance and the positions taken on a daily basis in your Dashboard:
Go to the beach, our traders take care of everything ;)
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