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The year 2021 is starting on a good foot for the Diabolo trading team. All traders are performing well with +35% recorded as the best monthly performance.
Bitcoin has set the tone for the start of the month, continuing its strong run of the previous year. After peaking above USD 40,000 on January 8, the flagship currency consolidated in a 30,000-38,000 band for the rest of the month. This consolidation caused its dominance to fall from 73% to 63%. This decline largely benefited the Ether and all the Alts, which took over from the rise in the second half of January.
Our traders were able to take advantage of this buoyant environment and capture gains of 20-30% on their favourite tokens. Most of the gains were made on these Alts, especially in the Decentralised Finance universe which once again offered the best performance. .
The arrival of a risk manager at Diabolo was an opportunity to build and deploy a rigorous risk management policy. New parameters were put in place, such as monitoring the maximum drawdown (maximum loss compared to the last performance peak) or limiting positions when a certain level of loss was reached. The focus on risk management will continue this year with the introduction of new real-time monitoring tools. This effort will allow Diabolo to continue to deliver performance in an increasingly secure environment.
February will be rich with the opening of futures contracts on Binance. This new option gives traders the possibility to use shorts, or short positions, and to perform in less buoyant and bearish markets. With this more opportunistic trading, results will be more consistent in all market configurations.
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