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Where is the starting point ?
In order to use the copy trading services 'Dtrading', you need to open a crypto account on an exchange. You choice has to be made between : Binance, Kucoin and FTX.
Recommended Crypto Exchange :: Opening a Binance account.
New! Enjoy copy trading on Binance Futures!
Four copy-trading modes are available:
3 spot modes with exchanges: Binance, Kucoin, FTX
1 Futures mode with Binance
Each mode is independent of the other and you will need to configure them separately.
The configuration process of each mode :
1.Choosing the copy trading mode
2. Enter your API key
3. Define the allocated capital
4. Select the traders to copy

Spot mode

This is a trade taken on the USDT spot market, it allows you to capitalize gains on a stable currency (USD), only on trades taken in the upward direction (LONG). Currently only available on Binance, Kucoin and FTX.

Futures mode

This is the most advanced mode, it allows you to take some trades on what we call "contracts". The advantage is to take the gains no matter how the market trend is going : upwards or downwards . (LONG / SHORT).
For now, it is only available on Binance .
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