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Configuring MetaMask to be part of the Rewards Holders programme
Prerequisite: Metamask
MetaMask is required to interact with the Rewards Holders application.
Vérifiez bien que vous utilisez l'application officelle MetaMask
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    Once the extension is installed, open the MetaMask application on your browser, by clicking on the fox head on the top right.
If you have used something else than metamask to participate in the ICO (trust wallet for example) you have to import your wallet on metamask first.
To do this, you need to start from a new metamask wallet and choose the option 'Import an account with a recovery phrase'
Explanatory video: https://youtu.be/jmDbQeiHUCM You must enter your trustwallet recovery seed as shown below:
Once your wallet is imported, check that your DCASH is on your ETH wallet
Import operation completed!
Let's get to the heart of the matter, the holders rewards program on tesnet Rinkeby
First step, put your Metamask on the network
Add the DCASH manually on the Rinkeby test network
Click on 'Add a token'.
Copy and paste the DCASH testnet smart contract address into the token contract address
address to be copied and pasted: 0xfe47b7e3333039f1a6731d8ea9552d8a4e7544ff
Fees are free on Rinkeby, but you need test ETH to use the service.
To obtain free ETHs, go to the address:
Go to the Rewards Holder Programme application now:
Connect your wallet to DCASH REWARDS with the 'connect wallet' button at the top right.
To deposit your DCASH on the reward program, enter the number of DCASH to be stacked in the Deposit box and click Deposit.
Confirm the transaction on metamask
The transfer takes between 20 and 30s
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