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Configuration et paramétrage du copy trading sur Kucoin
To accumulate USDT it is necessary to open an account on the Kucoin exchange platform
Link to open a KUCOIN account
You can create a Kucoin account with a mobile number or with an email, as part of the registration with your number, you will receive all security notifications by sms.
In this guide, we will choose the email option with the double security options managed by Google authenticator.
Once registered, Kucoin offers you to directly deposit your cryptos via the 'Deposit Funds' button or to buy cryptos if you do not have any yet.
We will take in the example the option "Deposit Funds".
Choose the crypto to deposit (USDT), copy and paste the address and transfer your cryptos to Kucoin. Your cryptos will be visible on the main account of Kucoin.
In a few minutes your funds should be visible on the Assets menu.
We will now activate the reduced trading fees, to do this we will click on your login in the top menu.
Then activate the KCS Country Fees as indicated above
You will of course need to buy a few Kucoin KCS corners for the proper functioning.
It is necessary to transfer your USDT to the trading account before using Diabolo
Click on the 'Assets' menu, then 'overview'.
Then click on the "Transfer" link located in the 'Main Account' frame.
Confirm transfer from main account to trading account
To create an API key, select API Management from the menu.
Kucoin reminds us to secure the account:
1. Create a google authenticator
2. Create a trading password
Once the google authenticator and trading password are created, you can create your first API key.
Choose a name for your API and a passphrase, make a note of the passphrase you choose, you will need it to register your key on Diabolo.
Security step: enter your trading password, the code received on your email and the Google authenticator code.
Copy and paste the codes: KEY and SECRET on notepad immediately
the secret code is only displayed when the key is created, after that it becomes invisible.
Once the SECRET code has been copied, click on the 'change' button at the top right to give trading rights to the API key.
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Select the SPOT USDT KUCOIN mode from the diabolo menu
We are going to copy the Kucoin API key to Diabolo
To do this, we will switch to USDT mode by clicking on 'Kucoin USDT Part’
Click on configuration to enter your API keys
Enter the Key, Secret and Passphrase you have written down. Then click on "Connect".
Once the keys have been entered, click on "configure" in the trade configuration on the right.
Define the capital allocated to Diabolo
Click on 'Traders' to select the traders you wish to follow.
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