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How CREDITS work
Note: DCASH will be implemented in the Diabolotrading.com solution during Q1 2022, in the meantime it is necessary to use 'credits', for sale on this page.
Your available credits are displayed in real time at the top of the menu
This is the provisional balance, taking into account the unrealised gains and losses of open trades.
Credits are debited on the first of each month.
To access your debits and invoices: https://diabolotrading.com/trades/my_credits
Your credit balance must remain positive to follow traders.
If your credit balance is at 0, the copy trading service will stop.
The system takes stock of the previous month's winnings on the first of each month.
Diabolo works on the basis of success fees, 24% of the profits made according to the following calculation:
Credits debited = 24%(Total gains of the month (calculated in USDT) - (Losses + Unrealised losses))
An example:
On September 1, 2021, Diabolo generated 1000 USD in gains for the month of August
In the positions still open, there are 100 USD of latent losses
the real gains are therefore: 900 USD
the number of credits debited on the first of September is: 198
In order to avoid service interruptions, we recommend that you have at least 5% of your capital available in credit balance.
For example: for 1,000 USD of capital, we recommend 50 credits.
To view deposits and debits, click on the wallet image in the left-hand menu. Invoices can also be downloaded from this page. https://diabolotrading.com/trades/my_credits
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