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Review of April 2021
Diabolo can once again show strong performance for the month of April 2021, ranging from +35% to +58% for the top three.
While the altcoin market has been buoyant overall, the gains have not been so easy and our traders have been subjected to some tough market conditions. They had to face two strong days of decline with all altcoins losing around 20% on the day.
These violent bearish movements, typical of the crypto universe, force us to adopt strict portfolio management guidelines. These procedures spared us from excessive losses and traders were able to take full advantage of the resumption of the uptrend with all their resources. Portfolios ended the month well positioned for further upside.
The outperformance of Ether against Bitcoin in recent weeks is a sign of a very favourable environment for the altcoin market.
Like last month, the team welcomed a new trader and we are actively continuing our on boarding of new talent. As part of this process, Diabolo is launching a new challenge that will start on May 5th. For those who wish to participate you will find all the information on our website diabolo.io/challenge . These challenges remain a very good way to get to know each other and to eventually join the team.
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