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Opening of trading on Futures
Diabolo is pleased to announce the opening of two new segments: Futures and Spot on Binance.
The use of futures allows our traders to offer a more opportunistic and dynamic strategy with the use of short positions and a shorter trading horizon. This approach delivers more consistent performance with less risk than spot.
(1.Introduction to copy trading modes: SPOT and FUTURES
2. Setting up your account to profit from futures)
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We would like to take this opportunity to highlight the new talent that has recently joined the team. We have found that it is quite difficult for them to stand out from the more established traders and gain followers.
To help them, Diabolo has decided to feature only a limited number of futures traders for the first two weeks. This selection is focused on people who we think are performing well and to whom we want to offer a showcase. You will find these four traders under the names of
  • Erman
  • Manx
  • WhaleTrade
  • Kunaruto
Diabolo encourages you to follow these people and thus participate in enriching the diversity of our strategy offering.
The activity on the Binance spot will be similar to the one already offered on Kucoin but with a much higher liquidity. Higher trading volumes allow the trader to reduce his slippage. Slippage is the price difference that can occur between the time an order is placed and its actual execution. This gap, which is particularly important in turbulent markets or in the case of stop loss orders, reduces overall performance. This negative impact will now be reduced. While trading on Kucoin is still open, Diabolo hopes to eventually focus its activity on Binance and simplify the account opening process. We therefore encourage our followers to concentrate their funds on this exchange from now on.
Access to Future and Spot trading on a single platform now allows our followers who wish to do so to follow two complementary strategies: on the spot, buy positions that are held for several weeks and target returns of 30-40% per transaction, and on the futures, buy or sell positions that are held for a few hours to a few days. If the targeted returns are more modest, a larger number of trades will ultimately give an interesting return with a lower risk of exposure to sudden trend reversals.
This access to two strategies will allow our followers to have a more dynamic management of their portfolio whatever the market conditions.
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