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Review of February 2021
A second month of the year in the wake of the first with good performances.
The top three have scores between +50% and +80%, in a very favourable market for long positions in Altcoins against USDT.
Portfolios were however quite light for the end of the month, with many of our traders becoming wary of a continued rise in token prices at such a pace.
March could be more complicated and holding on to the gains made could be the theme for the month.
Diabolo has opened its activity in Alts Futures.
This product class aims at a different trading strategy, with shorter positions and a more dynamic and opportunistic approach. Futures also allow us to take short positions and profit from downturns.
Unfortunately, we had to stop the activity because of the discovery of some technical errors when placing orders. Our development team is working on resolving this issue and we hope to be able to offer this service again soon in a fully secure environment.
New traders are currently being tested and if successful, Diabolo will soon be able to add new talent to its team. The community has partly migrated to our Discord platform, allowing our followers to easily talk to the team and follow the trades in progress. The Telegram loop is still open but the information flow is now richer on Discord.
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