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Review of March 2021
While the first half was still bullish, the markets as a whole subsequently began a correction towards the end of the month.
As is often the case, the behaviour of the Alts was not homogeneous. While some fell back to the February lows, others remained close to their highs for the year. This disparate universe made trading complex, and performance was generally measured, with the best result being +30%.
While overall results remained positive, our internal risk management procedures forced some traders to sell off part of their portfolio. The watchword in these difficult configurations is to preserve past performance as much as possible and to carefully monitor drawdown levels.
The decline in assets in March remained contained and the last few days of the month have already seen some nice gains. The team remains confident that April will see a continuation of the upward movement.
Diabolo has welcomed a new trader, but has also seen the departure of one of our own. We are still looking for new talent and discussions are underway to welcome them.
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